” Maya Fridman is a true musical millipede: she plays classical repertoire, new music, pop, folk, rock and flamenco. “

Cello Biënnale


Maya Fridman is a versatile cellist who does not want to get stuck on a particular genre. Although she has a classical music background, she plays just as much folk, rock, jazz, and new music.

For the last seven years, Maya has been performing regularly in The Netherlands and Germany. She was awarded the Best Musician of 2013 Prize at De Grote Prijs Van Nederland, toured with Faun as a special guest, and had many successful projects amongst which is her collaboration with Tomoko Mukaiyama.

Her latest album features her own arrangement of Prokofiev’s opera The Fiery Angel for cello and piano, on which she worked together with pianist Artem Belogurov.
Maya is musician-in-residence with Gaudeamus, and one of the finalists of Dutch Classical Talent 2018/2019.

In 2018 she was nominated for the GrachtenfestivallPrijs.

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” Maya has the unique talent to find a deeper meaning in music, and express it with a strong emotional performance. This performance is always an act of magic. Her passion for new music is an outstanding investment for the future development of the instrument. ”

Maxim Shalygin