Maya Fridman

” Maya has the unique talent to find a deeper meaning in music, and express it with a strong emotional performance. This performance is always an act of magic. Her passion for new music is an outstanding investment for the future development of the instrument. ” – Maxim Shalygin

Cellist Maya Fridman is known for her passionate performances with a unique mix of styles and genres. Her concerts carry a deeper philosophy and theme, and her recorded works focus on the development of contemporary music for cello and voice.

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Upcoming concerts

Date Artist City Venue Country
Jun 4 Solo recital Rijsbergen Theater Zundert NL
Time: 16:00. Tickets
Jun 17 Maya Fridman & LudoWic: XILIIN Den Haag LIGHTPAVILION NL
Time: 14:15. XILIIN is the collaboration between Maya Fridman and LudoWic. Both explore the potential for interaction and tension between contemporary classical and modern electronic music. The result is an experimental sound driven by cello, vocal, and synthesizers. Sometimes ambient oriented, sometimes more rhythmical driven. Their concern about the global environment is integrated into their music-making: they convert the data of the current state of our cities, which is used for sustainable applications, to musical works. With XILIIN, Maya and LudoWic will create a unique musical world in which they play with tension and release. Tickets

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