" Maya Fridman is a true jack of all trades in music: she plays classical repertoire as well as contemporary music, pop music, folk music, rock and flamenco, and additionally she is an actress and has a remarkable voice. "

Cello Biënnale

" ... the audience was overwhelmed by her intense performance and striking musicianship. "

Thea Derks, De Cultuurpers

" Maya has the unique talent to find a deeper meaning in music, and express it with a strong emotional performance. This performance is always an act of magic. Her passion for new music is an outstanding investment for the future development of the instrument. "

Maxim Shalygin

" Very impressive! Maya’s cello playing is very focused and has an emotional impact of the highest quality… "

Tanya Anisimova

" The title piece Red Velvet is a complex composition by the Persian Kaveh Vares that leaves the listener completely shaken and bewildered... With thick layers of goosebumps... "

Garmt van der Zel, Beter Beeld & Geluid

" The shapely storylines from Fridman's cello come straight from the heart and move through the brink of melancholy and hope... Classical music and jazz are sown together in a timeless fashion, while you listen to it with indescribable thoughts. Amazing. "

Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo

" The music is, variously, brutal, passionate, and desperate, with the two performers negotiating these emotional hairpin curves fearlessly. "

Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

" ... through the human qualities of these masters’ playing, images and, indeed, words, come cascading through the mind. Without such niceties as a powerful beat, catchy hooks or lyrics, Aeon Trio’s debut album is remarkably breathtaking in its scope. "

James Fleming, Hifi Pig